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New Carelogger has been free for over two years and now we will soon be open-source thanks to financial support of our new business Copperhead Security!
My Doctor thinks it great that I now use CareLogger. Keeping track of my numbers has helped make managing my diabetes much easier.
– Gilroy Edmund Miller, Toronto (Type-2)
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We made it easy-to-use for the young and old alike.

  • Track 7+ different diabetes health metrics
  • Spot trends before they lead to complications
  • Access our full nutritional database
  • Share with your doctor or diabetes educator
  • A toolbox for reaching your health goals
  • Works on mobile phones

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Track your weight, medication, blood pressure and more!

Monitoring and recording your vitals is highly recommended by doctors in order to maintain optimal health. Our diabetes software will help you log: Blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, medication and A1C.

Logging your test results allow you to easily identify common factors & trends and will assist your physician in providing the best diagnosis.

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Access from anywhere. Web or mobile.

You can access your CareLogger logbook on your iPhone or Android device. This makes it possible to record log entries on the go.

The mobile version is included free with all accounts. You can access it by visiting carelogger.com using your phones web browser.

We plan to launch native iPhone, Android and Windows 8 apps in the next month. We'll keep you posted.

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Comprehensive meal nutrition and carb counter

What you eat plays a significant role in treating diabetes. Our food tracker helps you keep track of what you eat with as little effort as possible.

Our nutritional database contains over tens of thousands of food items. You only need to enter the names of the food items you ate and it will automatically retrieve the total carbs, calories and more.


We take privacy and security seriously

We adhere to all Canadian (where we're based) and American privacy laws regarding personal health data. We don't not share any health information with third-parties. For more details visit our privacy policy page.

We also take strong measures to protect our site from hackers by using tools such as CloudFlare, not storing credit cards and keeping our servers up to date.

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